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Advent Chembio Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in the vibrant city of Mumbai, stands tall as a pioneering force in the realm of chemical manufacturing. Renowned for its exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to quality, this esteemed company has emerged as a premier supplier of Fine & Specialty chemicals, offering a diverse range of products and performance materials to meet the evolving demands of the Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

With an extensive product portfolio comprising over 3000 meticulously crafted offerings, Advent Chembio caters to an array of requirements across various sectors. Delving into the realm of Fine & Specialty Chemicals, their repertoire encompasses a myriad of Inorganic salts, HPLC grade solids and solvents, Pharmacopeia Grade Solvents, GC grade solvents & GC Standards, Ion-pairing reagents, electronic grade products, Research Chemicals, and reagents, among many others. Their commitment to excellence shines through their provision of building blocks, advanced intermediates, pharma impurities, and working standards, facilitating groundbreaking advancements in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Distinguishing themselves further, Advent Chembio prides itself on manufacturing Pharma Grade Solvents under the stringent guidelines of cGMP, ensuring uncompromising quality and conformity to the exacting standards set by IP, BP, USP, JP, and Ph. Eur. Their solvents epitomize purity and reliability, playing a vital role in pharmaceutical formulations and research endeavours.

Undeniably, Advent Chembio's prominence extends far and wide, earning them a well-deserved status as one of India's leading brands in the chemical manufacturing landscape. The trust bestowed upon them by clients and industry peers alike stems from their relentless pursuit of excellence, cutting-edge research and development, and an unyielding commitment to providing the finest chemicals and performance materials.

As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation and fuel the progress of the Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries, Advent Chembio stands as a beacon of excellence, empowering businesses and researchers to realize their full potential and reshape the future of chemistry.


Over the past decade, Advent Chembio has solidified its position as a prominent player in the chemical industry since its establishment in 2013. However, despite its illustrious reputation, Advent Chembio faced significant hurdles in scaling its online presence and generating organic leads through its brand website. This predicament hindered their ability to explore new markets and expand their reach to a broader audience, particularly in the vast expanse of India.

Among the myriad of challenges encountered by Advent Chembio, one major obstacle stood out: the need to bridge the gap between demand and supply within an online framework. Recognizing the immense potential in leveraging technology, Advent Chembio set its sights on creating an innovative e-commerce website that would revolutionize the process of chemical procurement for professional users.

Driven by the vision to streamline the ordering process, this cutting-edge online platform was meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of brands seeking high-quality chemicals. By seamlessly connecting buyers with Advent Chembio's extensive range of products, the e-commerce website empowers businesses to effortlessly access the chemicals required for their operations. This game-changing solution not only simplifies the procurement journey but also ensures that the supply chain is efficient and responsive, thus enabling brands to meet their demands promptly and reliably.

In addition to addressing the demand-supply conundrum, the ambitious aspirations of Advent Chembio extend far beyond their virtual storefront. With an unwavering determination to expand its market presence, the brand envisions reaching untapped territories and establishing a stronger foothold across various regions in India. By utilizing their revamped online identity as a catalyst for growth, Advent Chembio strives to engage a wider spectrum of audiences, forging enduring partnerships, and fostering trust within the chemical industry.

Through the amalgamation of technological prowess and decade-long expertise, Advent Chembio embarks on an exciting journey of transformation. By embracing the digital landscape and revolutionizing the way chemicals are procured, this enterprising brand endeavours to redefine industry standards, enhance customer experiences, and solidify its position as an unrivalled leader in the chemical domain.

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Our Approach & Solution

At 12Grids, our core belief revolves around providing swift and impactful solutions to address the pain points faced by our esteemed clients. Advent Chembio, a valued partner, sought our assistance in elevating its digital presence. While they possessed a lead-generating website, it fell short of their expectations, lacking the visual appeal and contemporary aesthetics that align with the latest trends.

Driven by our passion for creating magic in the digital realm, we embarked on an extensive research and analysis journey, scouring the vast landscape of the internet for inspiration. With our findings in hand, we set out to weave a web of enchantment, meticulously crafting a website that seamlessly blends simplicity and effectiveness, catering to the unique demands of the industry.

The result was nothing short of extraordinary. The new design, rooted in the principles of user experience (UX) and bolstered by search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, not only captured attention but also fostered a captivating and user-friendly browsing experience. The revamped website breathed new life into Advent Chembio's online identity, resonating with its target audience on a profound level.

However, the transformation did not stop there. We recognized the burgeoning need for a holistic solution that transcends a mere online presence. To this end, we harnessed the power of cutting-edge technologies, harnessing their potential to integrate an exceptional e-commerce functionality seamlessly. Leveraging the latest advancements, our team of skilled developers crafted a state-of-the-art e-commerce website, positioning Advent Chembio as the ultimate destination for chemical manufacturers and suppliers alike.

The advent of this comprehensive online platform not only elevated the brand's visibility and accessibility but also revolutionized the way chemicals are procured. Through the seamless integration of this advanced e-commerce system, Advent Chembio provided a streamlined avenue for brands to effortlessly order and purchase the chemicals they require, unlocking newfound levels of convenience and efficiency in the process.

In essence, the collaboration between 12Grids and Advent Chembio led to the birth of a digital masterpiece. The alluring and dynamic website design, coupled with the incorporation of advanced e-commerce capabilities, propelled Advent Chembio to the forefront of the chemical industry. With their enhanced digital presence, they emerged as the unrivalled premier destination for chemical manufacturers and suppliers, solidifying their position as a trusted and innovative leader in the field.

At 12Grids, we take immense pride in our ability to transform visions into reality, and Advent Chembio's success story stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


Result & Impact

The launch of the brand-new website proved to be a game-changer for Advent Chembio, catapulting its online presence to unprecedented heights. The impact was nothing short of extraordinary as the organic traffic to their website experienced a meteoric rise, surpassing all expectations. In the first few weeks alone, the overall organic website traffic soared by an astounding 300%, leaving an indelible mark on their digital journey.

The remarkable surge in organic traffic was a testament to the power of a well-crafted and user-centric website design. The revamped platform, meticulously developed by 12Grids, seamlessly blended visually stunning aesthetics with intuitive navigation, providing a delightful user experience that resonated deeply with Advent Chembio's target audience. The strategic implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques further fueled their success, propelling their website to the top of relevant search engine results pages and attracting a steady influx of organic visitors.

As the website's virtual doors swung open to welcome visitors, it became a thriving hub of activity, drawing chemical manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals from far and wide. The surge in organic traffic not only garnered attention but also transformed into tangible business opportunities for Advent Chembio. With a diverse range of visitors navigating through their website, their brand exposure skyrocketed, positioning them as a trusted and sought-after authority in the chemical industry.

The exponential growth in organic traffic showcased the immense value that a well-executed digital strategy brings to the table. Advent Chembio's success story serves as a powerful reminder that investing in a captivating website design, coupled with robust SEO techniques, can yield remarkable results in terms of online visibility, brand recognition, and ultimately, business growth. The surge in organic traffic was a testament to Advent Chembio's unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its target audience.

With its newfound online prominence, Advent Chembio is poised to capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead. The remarkable surge in organic traffic not only solidified their position as a leading player in the chemical industry but also paved the way for continued success in their quest to serve as the go-to destination for chemical manufacturers and suppliers. As they bask in the glow of their accomplishments, Advent Chembio stands as a shining example of the transformative power of a well-designed website and an effective digital strategy.