Rejuvenating the digital presence for the world leader in sustainable agricultural solutions.

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United Phosphorus Ltd. is the world’s third-largest agro-chemical brand whose main aim is to provide open access to agriculture networks around the globe.

UPL offers best agricultural services like IOT and innovations in agriculture, farmer education, aquatic solution, pronutiva and much more for good plant cultivation.

No limits, no borders. For UPL.


Being in the chemical industry, gaining the trust of the consumer was the biggest challenge. To tackle this, we created specific websites that would be easily understood by the locals. Since the target audience for UPL is majorly farmers & small business owners, we ensured that every website is pixel perfect and easy to scan for the users arriving on the website.

As is the case, every website loads differently for every region. Managing the adaptivity, responsiveness and latency of the website was a mammoth mountain to climb.

Our team took great efforts to create a responsive website that remains constant even if viewed on different systems and different locations.

Another challenge was to ensure all the UPL’s regional websites are laden with the latest technology and a team that is dedicatedly working to keep all the websites running and live 24*7.

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Our Approach & Solution

UPL is present in over 136+ countries. So, in total around 136 websites to manage. 140 unique websites that serve the population of every country. But how does a Spanish farmer get his local Espanyol website within a few clicks? Hence we designed a “Country Selector”. It helps presents the native language’s website to the specific visitor.

Since UPL is a public listed company, maintaining transparency is of paramount importance. We moved away from the usual bland way of presenting data. And focussed to present the data in a very visually appealing manner.

After spending decades in the agrochemical industry, 12Grids helped UPL pivot to a new brand positioning and become a thought leader.

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Result & Impact

With the collaborative efforts of Huestrom Studio, we did a brand restructuring for UPL. Right from redesigning the entire theme to revisiting the content to appeal to the global audience, we made sure everything is appropriate to the T.

With the relaunch of UPL, business boomed to the next level.