Reimagining the digital identity for India’s biggest image analysis firm

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When it comes to image analytics, only one name can be trusted, i.e. ImageProVision. Founded in 2010, ImageProVision is a leading global company in the physical testing space, emphasising Image Analytics.

ImageProVison has won prestigious awards like India Pharma Award, Startup Masterclass Award, NASSCOM Emerge-50 award and many other awards.

With a keen eye on innovation and sustainability, the organization strives to develop products that would improve image processing and analytics.


ImageProVision has been in the market for over a decade. Still, they were finding it a bit difficult to carve a name for themselves. Becoming the leader in the image processing and analysis market was a dream for them.

They realised their digital branding had taken a beating. So, the team took on this challenge to redesign their website that perfectly suits contemporary times.


Our Approach & Solution

It’s 2022. The modern website requires a certain type of look and feel. Also, the content needs to be relatable. In the case of ImageProVision, this wasn’t happening. The earlier design of the website was very basic. Nothing was streamlined. The user had to go through a lot of steps to get data on their products.

This had to be addressed. After a lot of internal discussions, the 12Grids team came into the picture. The team studied the situation and provided a solution. And guess what the solution might be? Well, the team decided to redesign the entire website and present it entirely new.

Besides redesigning the entire website, the 12Grids team also worked on the SEO metrics. By improving the SEO parameters, the brand could increase its visibility and generate leads that could turn into prospective clients.

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Result & Impact

Teamwork results in great work. The joint efforts of 12Grids and ImageProVision resulted in an SEO-friendly and UX-driven website. With the launch of the new website, the brand saw a 100 percent increase in website traffic and a 10x increase in business opportunities.