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Welcome to the world of safe and secure banking. Mudra Online is one of India’s leading customer-centric financial & banking institutions.

We aim to deliver industry-leading solutions and products to serve our customers without the unreasonable price tag attached to these services.


Fixed Deposits are everywhere. But nobody like Mudra FD. Mudra wanted to carve a name amongst the Indian masses. The major target audience for Mudra was the young generation and middle-class families.

One big challenge we faced was generating trust among the target audience. Mudra Online is a credit co-op society. So the trust among the masses goes down anyways. Building genuine trust among the masses was a big challenge.

One of the highly requested features was the Fixed Deposits calculator. No more going on a calculator to find out the return on your investment. Just go to Mudra Fixed Deposit Calculator, enter the amount you want to invest and the time period you want to invest for. Voila, your results are here.

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Our Approach & Solution

The laws of the land do not permit Mudra to have an online fixed deposit facility. But the 12Grids team doesn’t give up. After brainstorming for a few days, we managed to tackle this challenge and successfully came up with a workaround strategy that is within the laws of the land and also serves the purpose.

Currently, if anyone wants to open a fixed deposit, he/she has to submit physical documents to the organisation. But Mudra Online wanted to move away from the age-old traditional paperwork and step into the field of digital. We tirelessly put in our efforts to design a work-around to implement this facility on our platform.

The interest rates on Mudra’s Fixed Deposits are on-par with all the big banking institutions. This helped us attract eyeballs and help the business be sustainable.

We feel proud to announce that we were among the first ones to have an online Fixed Deposit onboarding facility for credit society on our platform.