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Given how passionately the team 12Grids takes every project, it is no surprise to witness the growth in One Stop NDT. Kudos. Let’s go onwards and upwards.


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One Stop NDT is the premier destination for all your NDT needs. It is a platform to create awareness about the NDT Market (equipment manufacturers, service providers, distributors, plant operators, NDT professionals etc) about the new developments in the NDT world.

The website also shares the availability of the NDT products & services in the global market and provide them with direct access to interact and explore the possibilities of helping and working together.

The team at One Stop NDT helps organisations in providing any support in identifying the technology for a particular application.


One Stop NDT was plagued with various problems. So, we not only had to provide quick fixes but also ensure these solutions have a positive result in the future.

The website had a very bland theme. The 12Grids team ensured the new design of the website is appealing to the existing customers and also the younger generation that has an active interest in NDT.

The SEO team had a tough time while handling the SEO activities for them. As One Stop NDT acts like an e-commerce platform, the existing website has lots of content that is taken from already published material. Hence, the website got a penalty from Google.

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Our Approach & Solution

You’ve read the challenges. Now comes the important part. The Solutions.

The 12Grids team redesigned the entire theme for the website. The new theme for the website fixed all the technical glitches faced in the earlier design. The new design of the website manages to appeal to the existing audience in a new way and also attract a new audience.

Tackling the plagiarised content present on the website was a tough task. We gave appropriate credits to the original author by giving canonical links for every piece of the content present on the website. This way, we didn’t come under the radar of Google’s crawler.

The One Stop NDT website comprises directories, forums and events that are related to the NDT world. Managing such a huge database requires a lot of perseverance, commitment and teamwork. The team ensured a vast database is maintained that can provide all the required information within a few clicks.

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Result & Impact

With the continuous efforts of the 12Grids team, One Stop NDT has become the most preferred platform for NDT enthusiasts.

Take a look at how 12Grids managed to bring a change at One Stop NDT:


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