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Enabling digital revolution for India’s #1 banking institution.

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SBI is one of the biggest financial institutions in the country. The multinational public sector bank has a payments bank for its customers called SBI Payments.

It is one of the top acquirers of the country providing solutions to Merchants for facilitating merchant payment for goods and services purchased through various form factors like Debit/ Credit cards, QR Codes, app-based solutions (UPI P2M, YONO Sale & Cash) and Aadhar based solutions (Bhim Aadhar SBI).


SBI is the most prestigious banking institution India will ever see. Managing the website & maintenance for such a big organisation is an arduous task.

Another big task was handling the Resume Management Systems abbreviated as RMS. SBI daily receives hundreds and thousands of resumes. Managing them in one place is a big headache.

Additionally, SBI had faced a lot of tough competition from the newer banks that came into existence. So the 12Grids team had to do a rejig of their entire brand positioning. The team made sure their entire strategy is focused on the customer.

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sbi payments sbi payments sbi payments sbi payments sbi payments

Our Approach & Solution

At SBI Payment Services Pvt. Ltd, it’s more than a career. It is an opportunity to be a part of a culture that nurtures ambition with challenges and provides you with the freedom to operate and express your ideas and contribute to their fruition.

Who would wanna miss an opportunity to work with such a prestigious institution? SBI receives thousands of applications every day. To manage all the resumes of these candidates in one database, the Success Specialists at 12Grids designed a one-stop solution i.e. a Resume Management System. The RMS comprises the resumes and all the details of the candidates that can be procured within a few clicks.

12Grids made the hiring process for SBI Payments simpler.

sbi payments
sbi payments
sbi payments

Whats in the Store

Ensuring the SBI Payments website is live is one of the major responsibilities for the 12Grids.

And the team is looking forward to making sure they never let their guard down and always look up.