Read to know how 12Grids helped put Goldstab on a world map with the help of SEO Strategies.

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With 12Grids by their side, Goldstab is on a consistent growth cycle, driving website traffic, quality leads, and an upward graph in the business revenue, ensuring success and prosperity.


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When it comes to polymers and stabilizers, we bet there’s no one like Goldstab Organics. Goldstab Organics is an innovation-driven global performance brand that aims to provide superior-quality products to its customers.

With technology leadership and a focus on sustainable development, Goldstab has become a beacon of light for guiding the direction of the industry.

Team Goldstab passionately works towards the complete satisfaction and fulfillment of all individuals in their ecosystem by innovatively catalyzing their growth, enabling success, and spreading happiness.


Goldstab Organics has been a trustworthy name in the PVC stabilizers industry. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, they were never able to carve a name for themselves. Creating a positive brand image for Goldstab in the minds of the consumer was a major concern.

The management of Goldstab Organics wanted to re-establish their brand. The higher authority wanted to make Goldstab the most trusted brand in the PVC stabilizers field. Doing such a vast activity would take a lot of time and effort. Were the people at 12Grids successful in ensuring Goldstab reaches its potential?

SEO is almost never heard of in this industry. Earlier, Goldstab wasn’t reaping the benefits of an effective SEO strategy that was taking their website traffic on a downward spiral.

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Our Approach & Solution

In the digital industry, things keep on changing. So, we also have to keep on learning and evolving ourselves. With Goldstab Organics, we kept this thought in mind and decided to revamp the UI of the website.

The earlier website had a very bland look. It wasn’t very appealing to the customer. So, we decided to revamp the existing website and give it a new feel retaining the essence of Goldstab Organics.

With the new website launched, the first challenge was solved. Now, the task was to take this website to all the prospective customers. And what better than SEO to widen the reach of a business website?

Here the SEO experts of 12Grids came into the picture. Before getting started, the team did a thorough analysis of the things that will be done on the on-page and off-page sides. Once that was done, the team made some technical changes to the website that would benefit the website in Google’s search engine rankings.

By improving the SEO parameters, the visibility of the Goldstab brand increased and generated leads that can easily convert into prospective clients.

The renewed SEO strategy for Goldstab brought more visibility, more website traffic through organic search, and, eventually, more business. In addition, it also helped improve the overall user experience, and the biggest of ‘em all, helped to get ranked on Google.

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Result & Impact

The collaborative efforts of 12Grids and Goldstab Organics have yielded much success and prosperity in the past, and we continue to do so in the future years to come. Rajeev Mehendale, founder and CEO of Goldstab Organics, stated, “We are very happy with the efforts by the 12Grids team. We look to continue our professional commitment and scale new business heights”.

While the road is a very long one, 12Grids & Goldstab Organics intend to walk together in this wonderful journey and reach the pinnacle of success.

Meanwhile, take a look at the SEO-optimised and UX-driven website of Goldstab Organics.


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