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No noble deed goes unnoticed. Sewagatha appreciates all selfless deeds.

It is the world’s first platform that appreciates the various social organisations across the nation and contributes the engrossing stories of their “karyakartas”.

सेवा परमो धर्म: Rashtriya Sewa Bharti believes that serving/ helping the needy is the biggest religion.


The Rashtriya Sewa Bharti is the support service organization to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh abbreviated as RSS, providing help and support to the needy organizations to succeed in their selfless service. Having its ‘karyakartas’ across the nation, it is very important for the organization to connect with society and share with them their personal experiences.

To cater to every Indian, Sewagatha, the ‘voice of true India’ is developed in a language that is understood by all the Indian masses.

Typically, websites are in “English” to cater to a universal audience. But, Sewagatha wanted to reach every Indian. A big task for the website development & SEO team.

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Our Approach & Solution

Sewagatha wants to reach every Indian. For that to happen, the audience needs to connect with Sewagatha. Hence, the team decided to develop a uniform website in over 6 major languages spoken across the country.

We wanted the visitors coming to the Sewagatha website to have a hassle-free experience. Hence, we spent a considerable amount of effort in designing and developing a seamless user experience.

Youth plays a pivotal role in the new India. To appeal to the Gen-Z Indians, team 12Grids transformed all the wonderful and engrossing stories into an audio format that can be listened at any time on the Spotify app.


Whats in the Store

We consider ourselves fortunate to have got the opportunity to do a “sewa” for the country by creating and developing their website.

Our main aim is to keep the Sewagatha website seamless and help their noble stories reaches a wider audience.