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UX Development

Looking to get a home loan without much hassle? Don’t worry. You are one of the millions of Indians who dream of buying a house but can't do so due to some financial reasons.

Moneyedge Financial Consultancy has taken the mantle to offer quick and hassle-free home loans to anyone in need.


India has 12 government-owned and 21 private banks. But getting a home loan is still a tough ask for the middle-class Indian. What can be the reason? A low credit score can be the biggest reason.

Low income can be another reason. While processing your home loan application, one of the criteria for eligibility is having an appropriate regular income through a job, profession, or business. If your income is lower than the criteria or if it is volatile, the chances of you getting a home loan can drop.

Applying for the right loan amount is half the job done. And most people take very high amounts of loans and are unable to repay those loans on time.

To make this easy, Moneyedge wanted to develop a calculator that can help anyone calculate the loan amount he is sure to get. This calculator will help anyone who wants to check his EMI and interest payable for the loan he/she will take.

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Moneyedge Moneyedge Moneyedge Moneyedge Moneyedge

Our Approach & Solution

There are tons of calculators available in the market. But only a few are accurate. Moneyedge Financial Consultancy wanted to develop a calculator that is simple to use and accurate. And thus began their search to find the “right team” who could pull this off.

Their search ended with their trusted ally, 12Grids. The development team at 12Grids built a bank calculator that lets you select your bank and enter the loan amount and tenure of the loan. Voila!! Once you have entered your details, you will get the estimated EMI per month and the total interest amount on your loan. Easy, right?

Additionally, you can compare the interest rates provided by two different banks and choose the bank that suits your needs.

Moneyedge wants to ensure everyone realises their dreams and turns them into reality. With the hassle-free loan facility, no Indian has to run from bank to bank for a home loan.

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Result & Impact

With the development of the new home loan page, the number of visitors flocking the website went up 10 times. Also, the number of people taking home loans from Moneyedge Financial Consultancy witnessed a spike.