What Are The Best Paid & Free Keyword Research Tools?

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What Are The Best Paid & Free Keyword Research Tools?

If you are working towards launching a new website for your business or you want to boost the rankings of your site on prevailing web pages, then keyword research tools are an integral part of your SEO strategy specially designed to improve the organic traffic of your website. 

The ticket to successful keyword research is to utilize an assortment of different keyword research tools and make use of each of their strengths and potentials in order to boost traffic to your website. Picking the correct keyword research tool is essential for your business. Keyword research can be referred to as the linchpin of digital marketing, and the best keyword research tool can enable you to uncover some good keywords to target in your business campaigns.

We have prepared a list of the best paid and free keyword research tools that can be suitable for your business. 

Let's start with the paid keyword research tools! 

1. SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool has an inclusive & extensive database with thousands & billions of keywords that are used on google searches. With the help of this specific keyword research tool, you can search your way down to find the relevant keywords and also learn some important understandings of those keywords. The central feature of this keyword research tool is that it provides you with metrics like keyword density, search volume, CPC, trend, competitive density and intent. SEMRush keyword research tools also include so many filters that are helpful to refine the results based on your choices or requirements, and you can also sort the results. This feature is quite unique and is beneficial when performing keyword research to find transactional or commercial keywords. This particular tool allows you to search keywords for free but provides you with limited solutions, and if you want complete access to the tool, you will have to sign up for a paid version. So, there are three plans with different degrees of features; they are — 

  • Pro - It charges $119.95 per month and $1,199 on a yearly basis.  Also, there is an option of a 7-day free trial of their Pro plan.

  • Guru - $229.95 per month and $2,299 per year. 

  • Business - $449.95 per month or $4,499 can be paid yearly.

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is a popular keyword research tool that actually draws valuable data from the biggest third-party database of search inquiries. The fundamental feature of Ahrefs keyword explorer is that you can enter a search word, and you will be able to see its main metrics, such as CPC, traffic capability, search volume, SERP features and keyword difficulty as well. This tool also provides you with an overview of the recent ranking pages, accompanied by their domain rating and backlinks for each & every page. This enables you to analyze the competition for that particular term instantly. Here, you are given the option of filtering the terms by traffic, volume and many other factors. Ahrefs keyword explorer is a paid keyword research tool, and you need to sign up to get a subscription. This tool comes with different plans; they are: 

  • Lite Plan - Charges $99 per month

  • Standard Plan  - Charges $199 per month

  • Advanced Plan - Charges  $399 per month

  • Enterprise Plan - Charges $999 per month

Also, if you enrol on an annual plan, you will get a free subscription for two more months. 

3. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is the most prominent keyword research tool for collecting data on search queries and getting right at new keyword targets. The main feature of this one is that after entering a seed phrase in the search box, you will see all the relevant information like volume, organic CTR, difficulty, priority for the term and much more. The organic CTR here gives you a glimpse of the number of clicks you will continue to earn if you are apt to rank in the top 10 for the word, whereas the priority metric demonstrates if a keyword deserves to be targeted and bestowed the possible bonuses. Moreover, Moz Keyword Explorer has a SERP estimation that exhibits the existing top-ranking pages with their page authority and volume of linking domains. You can search keywords for free every month here, but that is limited to only ten keywords. For complete access, you can sign up for a Moz Pro subscription. Now, let's look at the four plans offered by Moz keyword explorer:

  • Standard Plan - $99 every month

  • Medium Plan - $179 per month

  • Large Plan - $299 every month

  • Premium Plan - $599 per month

If you subscribe to Moz Pro, you will get access to supplementary tools, including on-page optimization checking and rank tracking. 

4. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a great keyword research tool that precisely shows a data visualization of various kinds of keywords and how they are connected to each other. This tool is amazing if you want a hundred ideas about a topic, and you can also analyze which types of queries are most widespread. Here, there are numerous aspects of data visualizations and charts entailing prepositions, comparisons, questions, alphabet, and much more. Also, if you don't want to view the keywords with data visualization, then you can click on the data tab to have a concise glimpse of the results in an organized list. 

AnswerThePublic comes with free as well as paid versions. Talking about the free version, there are only limited searches. There are two paid plans, they are: 

  •  Pro plan -  $99 every month or $948 on a yearly basis. 

  • Expert plan - $199 per month.

5. SerpStat

SerpStat is a one-stop SEO platform equipped with a strong keyword research tool. Just like any other keyword research tool, this one also lets you enter a seed phrase in the search box to get a list of all the related keywords. You will get a list of both organic & paid keywords. Plus, all the metrics like ranking difficulty, search volume and CPC. Competitors' reports are one of the most extraordinary features of SerpStat. It provides a list of the most pertinent competing websites similar to the term you have searched for. The list encompasses the number of popular keywords each site shares and its overall domain visibility. 

It's amazing to know that SerpStat is another freemium keyword research tool which means that with the free version of this tool, you can do up to 10. The four paid plans are as follows: 

  • Lite - $69 every month

  • Standard - $149 per month

  • Advanced - $299 every month

  • Enterprise - $499 per month

Now let's have a look at the free keyword research tools! 

1. Google Search Console(free)

Another free keyword research tool is — Google Search Console. To utilize this tool, you will have to create an account and validate ownership of your website. For website owners, the Google Search Console is a platform for SEO management. It generates performance reports, and with the help of that, you can learn keyword opportunities on the basis of prevailing content. The performance report itself will display all the keywords that help your website rank in SERPs. Also, you can view the pages that rank on top of SERPs, the number of clicks being generated and the number of impressions as well. With this valuable information, you will be able to find new terms, and then you can optimize your standing pages to rank even higher. Plus, you can develop new content mainly formulated to target fresh-new keywords.

2. Google Trends(free) 

Are you looking for a free keyword research tool? Yes, you are! That's the reason why you are here. Well, Google Trends is a free keyword research tool which helps you in excavating keywords that are famous & trending. In this, after hitting the search button, you will get a line chart that displays the interest of the search term over time. Plus, you can also set the chart to show trends for numerous periods comprising the day, week or month. 

3. Google Keyword Planner(Free)

Guess what? Google Keyword Planner is another such tool which is free! Through your google ads account, you can get complete access to the tool. This tool provides you with a list of keywords with all the valuable metrics such as their competition, top & bottom of page CPC bids, search volume, three-month change, and the year-over-year change. The most important feature here is that there is an option of entering a website's link in the search box, and a list of keywords that the website ranks for will appear. 

4. Google Search(free) 

There are many people who do not consider Google's search engine as a keyword research tool but trust us, as there are numerous ways you can discover new indications for keywords. The best thing is that it's a free platform! Have you ever noticed that whenever you enter a query in the search box, the auto-complete feature produces a list of keywords that encompass the letters/words/phrases you have already written? Now, this list is very helpful in terms of finding new keywords related to your query. You must have seen that google search results also include a section known as — "People Also Asks". This list includes prominent keyword questions related to the preliminary search query. Plus, at the bottom of the search result page, you can find additional keywords associated with your query.


Keyword research is one such thing that will play a vital role in a good SEO strategy, and it is an endless method that will never stop. Besides, you will not possibly utilize all of these tools mentioned above at the same time, but make sure that you use each one in every stage, as they all are worth trying. Once you discover which characteristics are most applicable to your keyword research, you can utilize them to create an extensive content strategy that will increase traffic and improve your rankings.