Social Media Marketing: Top 4 SMM Strategies Of Brand

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Social Media Marketing: Top 4 SMM Strategies Of Brand


In the world of social media, it's essential to learn how to market your brand on various platforms, which helps in boosting your overall sales. Social media marketing is an effective and inexpensive way of reaching out to a wider audience through different types of social media platforms. Here, you can attract a huge crowd toward your brand by putting effort into curating quality and engaging content! 

A brand's excellent social media presence is essential in today's time. This is so because not only everyone expects it to be, but it is an outstanding way to collect information about your target audience and build a strong relationship with people online. Plus, with the utilization of organic social media marketing, you can understand your followers and discover effective ways to promote your products or services. 

Moreover, you can also comprehend how to promote a small business on social media platforms with a restricted budget to help your content be spread out to potential consumers. There are a lot of options when it comes to reaching more individuals through social media platforms. It depends on you to come up with engaging & valuable content that drives your potential customers to learn more about your products, services, and brand. 

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing?

You must be aware of many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. The proper utilization of all these platforms can lead your brand to effectively reach a huge audience and build connections with customers. 

Be it a small or big organization, social media marketing is critical for any type of organization, and it does need a vigorous plan. Your customers wish to see engaging content and the capability to have proper communication with you in the comment section or direct messages. 

An effective social media marketing strategy for all types of businesses provides you with the remarkable opportunity to make your brand stand out from the crowd & attract traffic to the website. Social Media Advertising helps produce more & more leads as well as sales and increases brand awareness at the same time. Many brands have turned their social media accounts into customer service pages, allowing their customers to send messages regarding any doubts or issues with the products or services. 

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing 

Reach & every business must put in efforts to develop a social media marketing strategy to promote their brand online for better visibility. Clueless about the benefits provided by social media marketing? Here are a few benefits that you must know about: 

➤ Better Online Visibility 

 If you are marketing your brand on social media platforms, you will reach more individuals. Your engaging content that is shared online helps in increasing brand visibility. Hence, giving you full exposure. 

➤ Inexpensive 

 Marketing done on social media is cost-effective. If your business wants to create & post organic content, you just need enough time to invest; that's it! However, promoting your brand online is one of the cheapest advertising solutions available for small businesses. 

➤ Drive Traffic To Your Websites

Your effective marketing strategy on social media helps drive traffic to your business's website, where customers can fill out survey forms or buy things. 

➤ Brand Awareness 

 To increase brand awareness & online visibility, social media is the most useful tool in this digital era. Plus, if you want to take enough advantage of social media to increase brand awareness, you must consider developing advertisements that extend your reach. 

➤ Improved Credibility

 Creating and sharing informational or entertaining content can also help improve your brand's credibility, which in turn helps your new customers know you are the best in your field that they can have faith in! 

➤ Provides Support To The Customers 

 Through social media platforms, you can manage your customers & their queries smoothly. When a customer reaches out to you on social media, you can quickly reply to their messages, which gives them a smooth experience. It helps your business to gain more trust & notability. 

Few Ways To Promote Your Brand On Social Media Platforms 

1) Set Your Resources Properly: 

It becomes difficult to market in a bigger way for small businesses regarding budget, but social media can rescue these small organizations. However, there is a unique set of social media management skills that one should master to excel in this area: organizational skills, expertise in branding, and strategic thinking. 

Hiring an expert to manage your social media activities can be worth it if you possess the means. But if your budget doesn't allow you to invest in a person, you can work on advertisements that have to be put on social media sites, which can lead to increased brand awareness. 

2) Use Different Platforms At A Time 

 Try to work on multiple social media platforms, as your customers can exist anywhere they want to! Your main objective should be reaching a large number of individuals via social media, which is impossible by just concentrating on one platform. Your audience might be present on different channels such as Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn! You have so many opportunities to let your content reach them through different apps. 

3) Be Consistent 

 Consistency is the key. If you want your brand to be successful on social media platforms, it's just a matter of sharing appealing content regularly. A time gap is not what everyone is expecting. It kind of leads to disappointment. If you post regularly, it helps make your business look alive & active. It also displays that you hold timely knowledge to share information with your audience and care about them. 

Furthermore, social media algorithms change frequently but remember that being consistent stands true every time. By concentrating on consistent, pertinent content, you indicate to the algorithms that your posts are worthy of displaying in several feeds and, subsequently, will attract more people to your account. 

4) Come Up With A Solid Strategy 

 You may have the capability of sharing your content on various social media platforms, but you need to know that this can result in a mess if you don't strategically place it. For instance — If you are working towards targeting older individuals, then Facebook is the place for that kind of audience. So, it would be unworthy to prioritize sharing the posts on Instagram. 

5) Join Hands With Leaders & Influencers 

 Collaborating with social media influencers will help you in your marketing tactics and push them to the next level. Influencers have a good number of followers and their own branding. Partnering with influencers will genuinely help you in brand awareness and generating leads. 

Top 4 Examples Of Social Media Marketing Strategies

1. Apple

The Shot on iPhone Challenge (2015)

Apple, of course, everyone knows about this popular smartphone which puts up with great pride in capturing quality images. In order to highlight this feature, a social media campaign was launched that said — "capture the little things in a big way." Photographers across the globe were invited to upload their images and use the hashtag "#ShotOniPhone" on various social media platforms, including Instagram. After this competition, a panel of judges selected ten winners from thousands of participants. These persons & their images were featured on Apple's social media accounts, website, and on thousands of billboards in around twenty-five countries. 

More than 6.5 billion appearances were noticed in the first round of the social media campaign. Also, 24,000 influencers came forward to contribute to this campaign. Isn't this amazing? You know what? UGC is an inexpensive way for organizations to promote their company online, and this campaign motivated individuals to talk about this competition, which in turn aligned with Apple’s reputation for lifestyle, innovation & creativity. Plus, it stimulated the existing iPhone users to participate and develop a sense of delight about being a part of the iPhone community.

2. Spotify —Year Wrapped (2019)

In 2019, Spotify created a campaign allowing its users to glimpse the most significant musical highlights of the year. A web page named Spotify Wrapped displayed the most listened to songs, genres, artists, etc. The users can also see how the music occurred simultaneously with your life events in that particular year. Now, when you have gone through all the information, Spotify also gave one option to share these musical highlights on social media, especially Instagram & Twitter, where one can tag their favorite artist of the year. 

Twitter stated that the campaign had been pointed out in more than 1.2 million posts in the same month it got launched. About 60+ million users engaged in the in-app store. Also, the Wrapped playlists witnessed almost 3 billion streams. You must know that Spotify integrated two huge psychological triggers in this campaign: FOMO and Personalization. The Spotify app provides a customized story experience for every individual. Next, allowing the users to share it on their social media handles strengthened the campaign's reach. Individuals inherently displayed their highlights in their social media accounts, thus encouraging more & more people to participate in this campaign. 

3. Dove — The #ShowUs Project

Beauty cannot be defined, as it comes in various forms. Dove recognized this and created a social media campaign, "Project #ShowUs." This campaign aimed at challenging stereotypes of what is specified as beautiful and what isn't in our society. By incorporating women and non-binary individuals from various regions, this social media campaign was a partnership with Girlgaze Photographers and Getty Images. Wanna know the numbers? Well, this specific project caught up with more than 1.6 billion people with 660+ media pieces in 39 markets worldwide! 2000+ women vowed to build a different perspective of beauty. When the campaign was launched, its #ShowUs was utilized 7 million times or more on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

For countless years, the media has been active in presenting a definitive image of what beauty stands for, and this has impacted around 70% of women, making them feel they do not fit the criteria. Dove knew what its target audience wanted and encouraged them all to come together to be proud of who they are! This strategic delivery enabled the brand to reach women worldwide.

4. Netflix: Wanna Talk About It? When: 2019

The importance of mental health has grown in recent years. Recognizing this, Netflix launched a campaign — Wanna Talk About It? It was a live series that came up every week on Instagram and an accompanying website that dealt with topics from suicidal thoughts and abuse to gender identity to sexual violence. It features some popular stars from Netflix series or movies. It was first launched during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Want to Talk About it functions with 150 organizations in 45 nations, providing videos, information, guides, and non-profit helplines in more than 26 languages. 

The lockdown period was an extremely difficult phase for everyone worldwide. There was no place left for people to go, and the major source of entertainment was online streaming services. With this amazing campaign, Netflix tried to address the mental health issues that so many people face, and it was relatable for many. 


When it comes to defining your business objectives & goals, social media marketing plays a significant part. Social media platforms help optimize prospective consumers, boost brand awareness, and build opportunities for new associations with new products. You must invest your time in creating and sharing content that can stand out among the rest. It can be signified as utilizing content strategies to build campaigns. Want your organization apart? This is what needs to be done!